Advisory Platform

TOIC’s consultative approach allows for a more fluid delivery of information. It is based on industry best practices and your clientsʼ specific needs.

Data Analytics Capabilities

Everything we do starts and ends with data. TOIC is a platform, not a standalone tool. Our platform brings the collaborative power of a seasoned analytics team, best in class analytics engine and a foundation in benefits consulting to solve any employer challenge. We turn data insights into actionable benefit solutions.

Reinsurance Due Diligence

Lead the market, don’t let the market lead you. We align your risk profile with the appropriate partnership based on the carrier's financials and contract provisions. We go the extra mile providing complete transparency giving you all options for reinsurance and the potential impact.

Pharmacy Benefit Solutions

As the pharmacy world is changing rapidly and costs are increasing exponentially, look to TOIC and our certified Pharmacy Benefit Specialists to navigate the marketplace for you. With the expansion of alternative pharmacy options, new drugs flooding the market and a greater demand from employees to access the “right” drug, it's important that you have a team in place to help your clients navigate the future of pharmacy benefits.

Project Consulting

TOIC is built to use data for improving the overall health platform by various end users. Our flexibility and expertise brings actionable and integrated solutions.