About Us

TOIC is a health care solutions and consulting platform built for those who navigate the health care ecosystem every single day. We partner with a wide variety of distribution channels including employee benefit agencies, equity firms, hospital systems and other group purchasing platforms. While the health care marketplace is continuously changing, the need to evolve and optimize is constant. TOIC is your guide.

Have you ever stumbled upon an amazing solution or tool that could be utilized by the clients or partners you serve? Has the solution failed to stick because there is a translation error between the tool and the practical application for those managing a benefits package? Are you looking for a more hands-on partnership?

TOIC has a foundation in employee benefits consulting. We know how these solutions must interact with the entire healthcare ecosystem. We speak the lingo and have the expertise to partner with you on implementation and ongoing execution. We also bring new ideas and opportunities to light based on our health care analytics background.

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The Top Reason to Choose TOIC?
Our Integrated Platform

  • 01 + health care ecosystem
  • 02 + diverse client needs
  • 03 + computing power
  • 04 + people
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What Does TOIC Mean?

TOIC (pronounced tō·ik) is the Gaelic word for “of substance”. This definition, and subsequent namesake, aligns with our core competency, combining sophisticated algorithms and advanced thinking in order to deliver meaningful outcomes.